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Silviu Daniel Eftimie

- able to convert ideas into digital tools -

I’m a Madrid-based professional web developer, a lifelong learner and a father. I like books (paper format) - they are my daily dose of inspiration. Sometimes I write. I keep in touch and let myself guided by a number of people.

Back to Basics

Retrospectively analyzing, when I was 4 years old I used to express myself through building. This became a passion. Later I understood that passion cannot be nurtured without a principle. When I realized that as a programmer you don't need anything more than a computer to create, I began to convert ideas into digital tools that allow people to understand and solve problems.


Short-term: finding a working environment able to assess, develop and exploit my skills, creativity and knowledge that I have accumulated over time (CV, LinkedIn). I think that spending a great deal of your life at work and choosing energy in where and who you work with is always a good investment.

Long-term: developing a digital mentor.